Week of Feb 15th – S&P500 Emini Trades

Last Friday I had 10 short 1775 puts expire worthless, and last night I closed 1 short Feb19 1835 put that I had sold last week. I had a good week last week (I won’t go into it since it’s from before I started this website) and am looking forward to continued success this week.

It’s now Monday evening and we are approaching a band of prior support/resistance (see chart below of S&P500 Emini futures). I am now currently short 4 Feb19 1915 calls (sold for 27 points total), expiring this week. I was short 2 Feb19 1895 calls but took the opportunity to roll them up in price given this recent runup. So far this is a losing trade but of course I’m looking to let these calls expire worthless for a nice gain.


Due to the volatility of the past couple of months I’ve been able to sell ATM weekly options (front week) for about 1% (19 points now) up until Wednesday of the expiration week. If we pull back to 1860-1870 I will have a nice gain on my sold calls and I will look to sell an ATM Feb19 put. If the price continues to move lower after my sale I will attempt to roll down at around 1840-1850. Thursday is the last day I would attempt to roll down as there is little premium left on Friday’s.

Tonight I will enter a limit sell order for ~18 points on a Feb19 1870 put, and I will re-evaluate the order if it does not execute tomorrow. I am travelling for work this week but I will update the weeks trades next weekend

I hope everyone has a great week!

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