Wrap Up: Weeks of March 14th and March 21st

I’m obviously late with this wrap-up. Travel for work, taxes, and the flu have slowed me down quite a bit.

I had a total profit trading $ES over the past two weeks of 33 points ($1650). The trade summary is shown below:

Options Trades:


Futures Trades:


Two weeks ago was the Fed announcement and it was a very quiet week of trading for me. I closed out the sold options positions by Tuesday before the announcement. I had a short bias with these trades but ultimately I was looking to capitalize on the chop that usually comes during Fed week. It happened to work out and I made back the losses incurred the previous week.

Last week was a bit more active for me and I put on both options and futures trades. I could have done a better job managing my initial futures position. I scaled into a losing position and had a maximum adverse excursion of a little more than 1% of my trading capital. This is about as far as I like to let a trade go against me. I could have had a much more profitable week had I managed this position better. I felt good about the initial entry point, but I did not need to let it go against me so much. It’s okay to be wrong, but not okay to stay wrong. I stayed wrong.

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