Wrap Up: Weeks of March 28th & April 4th

The trade summary for the past two weeks of $ES options and futures trades are in the tables below. The week of March 28th was a loser, and the week of April 4th was a winner. Overall I had a gain of 17.7 points ($885) over the past two weeks.

I started the week of March 28th in the hole with my options trades, and made back a good portion of the losses with my futures trades. Looking back, I should have done a better job of taking a loss sooner which would have saved me a few bucks. I still managed to keep my losing trades at .5R or less though.

The week of April 4th was a good week. I switched things up a bit and decided to purchase options to start the week, rather than sell options, due to the huge drop in volatility over the past weeks. I started the week buying an ITM 2085 put option, when the futures were at about 2065. I paid a couple of points in premium for this, but the great thing about purchasing ITM options is if the position goes against you it will not be a point-for-point loss until you get to expiration day. However, because I bought a deep ITM option with little premium, the gains were almost point-for-point as the futures moved in my favor. Anyways, the week ended well but I could have done a better job letting my winners run – I had a scratch trade (2060 put) that should have been a nice winner.

$ES Options Trades:


$ES Futures Trades:


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