Wrap-Up: Week of May 2nd

In the table below, I’ve summarized all of my ES and NQ trades from last week, and one NQ trade from the previous week. It’s much more efficient to export the trades to excel, rather than manually enter everything, so the summary table below will look a little different than normal. All futures and options trades are grouped together.


Last week was another profitable week. I managed a gain of 63.25 NQ points and 10.5 ES points for a total of $1790. Factoring in the NQ trade from the previous week (4/29) my total gain as summarized above was $1420. I normally only trade ES, but starting two Friday’s ago I traded NQ also. I don’t trade NQ any differently than ES, but I was looking for long trades and given the extent of the dip in NQ relative to the other indexes, I thought it might have a stronger move up if we were to bounce.

I felt good about the trades I took and never really came close to the 1% of trading capital that I normally risk on each trade, so I was pretty lucky with my entries. One thing about last week that keeps popping into my mind is that I traded NQ in addition to ES, and this is coming after a pretty good run of consecutive winning weeks. Now I also find myself looing at CL. Thinking a bit deeper on this, it is a sign that I’m feeling pretty confident as this has been my behaviour in the past. Results are mixed but I have typically taken some big losses after starting to trade more instruments. I run into problems typically when I take on multiple positions as it is difficult for me to babysit my trades with a day job. I can’t say that I’m doing anything new strategy wise, but I am widening my focus. It will be interesting to see how things shake out this week.

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